How to move your WETH between stables?

WARNING: I wanted to just say this upfront. Sending WETH to someone that you don’t know can be dangerous. It’s the same as giving your money to a complete stranger. Please be careful when doing any transfers.

Had a question come up on Twitter today on how we can move WETH from one stable to another. There are a few reasons why you need to do that (Hint: It’s cheaper to breed across 2 stables, DM me if you need any help with this), and there is a very fast and straightforward way to getting it done.

Polygon/ Matic

Before we begin…

How to move your ETH from Ethereum Main to Polygon/ Matic cheaply and quickly!

This is one of my biggest challenges as a new player and I remember all the gas that I’ve burnt just trying to figure this out! I know you would laugh at this, but to tell you the truth, I made all the rookie mistakes there is to make when making that first purchase in Zed Run!

What happened? I saw the horse I wanted. I think it was 0.19 Eth, I put in 0.2 ETH knowing that I needed money to race. See, I got foresight and I planned! Now, being a newbie, I used Metamask’s built-in deposit feature…

Flames and Fatigue, did it kill the game?

Before I begin, I want to put out a disclaimer. This is a topic that is contentious and quite honestly, everyone would have an opinion of this. Since the changes took place, I’ve been relatively quiet about my views on “Flames” and “Fatigue”. Yes, there was the occasional whingeing on Twitter about how this is killing me, but I’ve not put out anything like this in an article.

However, having spent a bit more time playing the game with the changes in place, I feel it’s time for me to share what I felt about the changes. I hope this…

How to turn in a positive ROI as a small stable owner in Zed Run

This is a question that I come across a lot in my interaction with many players in Zed Run. This is something that felt quite is an essential part of a new player’s education coming into Zed Run.

I intend this article to be used as a guide for new and small players trying to turn a profit with a smaller budget.

Not Financial Advice

Looking back at how I’ve done since starting my Zed Run journey in May 2021, I think I’ve done well. Since breeding reopened, I’ve been fortunate and had been running my stable with a positive ROI to date.

Are you ready to enter the business of selling unnamed?

Selling horses is easy, selling them unnamed is a whole different thing. Many of us in Zed Run have a monetary target in mind that we want to achieve with our stables. As much as this is a horse racing game, it is a horse breeding game.

In real life, breeders get to see how their foal runs on practice tracks and you probably would be able to get a clearer assessment of the foal before you would make that purchase. However, in Zed Run, that becomes a little different. After you get the foal, the next thing is to…

How do you use the speed stats to analyze your horses?

Ok, odds are going away, and to some of the odds junkies, that felt like the end of the world! Fear not, there’s still a ton of other stats that we can look at, and for the longest time, we’ve been talking about this thing called “Speed”!

Help us pick our 2 Horse Whisperers! Cast your vote today!

We ran our recruitment ad and gotten 5 qualified candidates for the job! Now we’re going to ask your help to select the 2 Horse Whisperers we should hire!

How are we going to do this?

We will need your help to vote and select the 2 best candidates for this role. Why? That’s because they will be representing us to create content and engage you as a community. …

Yes, we are hiring 2 new players to join us as our “Horse Whisperer”! Check out if you qualify!


Many of you came to know me and my work with the Zed Run community through my blogs and also the support of new players coming into the game. For me, the ability to help new players come onto the platform is most important, as this would in turn grow the game and benefit everyone in the process.

It is a fun game. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot and I’ve finally fulfilled my dream of owning a racehorse. Well, at least virtually.

I cannot do all this myself, and I need a passionate team of talented individuals to help…

Is there a way to predict a winner between 2 horses in a race? Let’s find out!

In a fun and unplanned fashion, I entered a horse into a race that pits me against my good friend, MJ Stables!

There we have it, it’s Ghost Town vs. Wins By The Moment! And with Know Your Horses’ shiny new tool which is based on what I’ve written about in my previous articles on speed and deviation, I decide to take it out for a spin, and see if indeed it can predict a winner between these 2!

Let’s start with the 2 horses and their race odds!

Keep or Sell? What happens after your horse clocks a griffin odds of 40x?

As with my recent announcement, I just joined No Stable No Fun as their “Stable Master”! A super cool job and an amazing pool of resources at my disposal to play the game! One of the first thing I wanted to look at is how you could actually work with “bad” horses, so I decided to do a little experiment of my own!

With breeding turned on followed by the Million Dollar Drop, we’ve seen an enormous amount of horses hitting the tracks. …

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Provocative HR practitioner who likes to think he’s a thought leader in the HR and Talent world. Pushes the boundaries, often wrong and getting into trouble!

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