Phanta Bear by Jay Chou’s PHANTACi and Ezek

The story of my life. The most important thing in my life (contrary to popular beliefs) is not my NFTs, but my wife! So, when she happily showed me a newspaper article about the Bored Ape sale and linked that to the Phanta Bears project, there’s no questions to be…

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

It’s been an exciting few weeks with the drops for The Red Village and Riot Racers. However, those are relatively larger productions and are very well-supported projects. I took a little detour and looked at some of the smaller projects that could be interesting to look at. Here are the…

Eric Wong

Provocative HR practitioner who likes to think he’s a thought leader in the HR and Talent world. Pushes the boundaries, often wrong and getting into trouble!

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