Help us pick our 2 Horse Whisperers! Cast your vote today!

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How are we going to do this?

Yes, we are hiring 2 new players to join us as our “Horse Whisperer”! Check out if you qualify!

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Is there a way to predict a winner between 2 horses in a race? Let’s find out!

Ghost Town vs. Wins By The Moment in The Cologne Classic Class II 1200m race

Let’s start with the 2 horses and their race odds!

Keep or Sell? What happens after your horse clocks a griffin odds of 40x?

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Wanted to share this important announcement with all you ZedHeads out there

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Details on the July 2021 Giveaway

Unnamed foal for the giveaway — Z26 Elite Buterin Colt in Sauve Mauve

Why do you want to be on Zed Run? What do you want to do? *A MUST READ for all new players*

This image is taken from Zed Community

Why do you want to be on Zed Run? What do you want to do?

Lessons from my first Zed Run breeding experience

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An inclusive tournament for the negative ROI horses! Bringing the fun to everyone!

Destiny Series Tournament announced on Twitter

Why am I so confident?

Evaluating horses with some of the highest negative profit to prove the speed theory

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash
  1. I’m digging up race data for horses with high negative profits. No one likes to be put in the spotlight for that reason. …

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